“The best coaches are those who live what they teach, and this is what sets Michele Yeomans apart.” – Ana Pavlova
“Michele gave me a sense of purpose, to have a vision of where and what I love to do.” – Lucy King
“A magnetic speaker who captivates her audience! “- Mala Bridgelal
“Michele was exceptional at helping me to hone into my particular purpose and contribution in life within an short period of time.”- M. Ram
“I was blown away by her stage presence and public speaking skills. She was the first person to work the stage that day and for the few minutes she spoke you could hear a pin drop.” – Crystal Adeyemi
“During the coaching session Michele helped me review my life, and to identify and focus on the key aspects which will take me forward and help me live the life I really want to live.” – Clare Aburn

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Harv T Eker said it best – “If you are not growing, you are dying.”

Most people believe that great achievement is limited and designed for a selected few. I wholeheartedly disagree! We were all born with the tools we need to achieve our desires. Within each of us there is the potential to be, do and have anything. Every single molecule of DNA in our body is structured with limitless potential.

It is my quest to help unearth that potential. To help each one of you become the best version of yourself by understanding and to helping you to tap into your own infinite power. I will help you to understand that this power is not limited to the chosen few, but available to all!

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Michele is an international speaker on a mission to help you discover life you were born to live.Learn more


Plenty of workshops, events & e-courses. Michele helps you to discover the work you were born to do and much more.Learn more


Focused on you, based on who you are, your values, what you love to do, and your inherent talents.Learn more

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